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THIS IS PYVBAR – rock'n'rollers revolution or new beer culture in Ukraine.

We had a dream that one day we could make a beer revolution. To bring a variety of different kinds of beer from all over the world and to explain that beer is not only light or dark.

We wanted to break the persistent stereotype that a beer bar is a dirty place with a poor selection of beer, primitive menu, boring interior, shitty service and rude, drunken guests.

Now we have 6 restaurants in Kyiv. And that is just the beginning. More than 100 types of beer from all over the world, kilometres of beer pipelines with a unique storage, cooling and delivery system. The menu is developed in collaboration with international chefs. Tastings and Beer Education with foreign and Ukrainian craft breweries. Own service school for staff training. Bands musical performances are almost daily. The finest guests who believed in the dream of beer rock'n'rollers and joined the riot.

We also have great plans, goals and dreams. We are very ambitious. We are fans of quality. We are learning all the time and are not afraid to make mistakes. We love Rock'n'Roll.